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Cable Trunnions - Oiltek

Cable Trunnions - Oiltek

Lambretta Cable Trunnions

Our Cable trunnions are Stainless Steel Top Hat type trunnions complete with a stainless steel Crush plate & Grub screw. We think we have come up with the best Trunnion design to date and here's why:-

The trunnion, crush plate and grub screw are all made from Stainless Steel, not mild steel which rusts.

The Grub screw has a 6 x 1.0mm thread using a 3mm allen key (which is supplied), not a 3.5mm key or an obscure M7 thread using a 4mm key.

Other manufacturers have used the top hat style, but still followed the original Innocenti design of having the spanner flats in line with the engine. Ours have 10mm spanner flats accessed from the side at 90 degree's to the engine.

One length Trunnion. Our trunnions are all the same length, not 2 short and 1 long, there is no requirement for different length's, the long trunnion fits all.

And lastly, Our Trunnions are made in England.

3 x supplied

Trunnions are supplied with a 3mm Allen key.

One length only to fit Gear change & Clutch arm.

Price: £9.75 Inc VAT

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