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crankshaft puller & oilseal fitting tool

Ref: CPX231b
crankshaft puller & oilseal fitting tool

Special DOUBLE USE crankshaft puller + CasaCase oilseal fittting tool


This amazing tool has been designed here at RLC by scooter tecno' jounalist & author Sticky, especially for the Casa Performance range - and it has TWO uses.

Firstly, it is a perfect tool for pulling crankshafts into place for for ALL Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP DL + Serveta's models. Simply place the tool up against the drive side bearing along with the supplied spacer in between (see pics). Then screw the central bolt into the crankshaft and proceed to tighten the loose 19mm nut whilst holding the bolt in place with another spanner. The crankshaft wil be pulled into place whilst avoiding having to tap or knock it into the drive side bearing. Simple and easy and guranteed to not damage or knock your crank out of alignment.

Secondly, this also doubles up as the tool needed for the fitment of the crankshaft oilseals into CasaCase engine casings!

casa crankshaft puller oilseal fitting tool
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