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Brake Front Single

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Brake Front Single
Blue :
Complete with the integral pressure switch for the brake light!

COMPLETE Casa Performance hydraulic front brake kit. Competing in the ESC race season during 2015 made us realise that there was a shortage of good QUALITY front brake systems on the market and that’s why we looked into getting our own Casa Performance brakes made. Our main point of contention with other brakes on the market was that all have principal components of non-European origin.

To set our new Casa Performance front brakes apart from everything else on the market, we decided that there were to be certain QUALITY control points to be adhered to. Here is the outcome and what you get for your money :
- EACH and EVERY component is Italian made
- the brake utilises a MASSIVE 210mm fully-floating disc(s).
- each brake has a 4 piston radial-mount calliper, which is designed for race use
- the calliper is RACE QUALITY MONO-BLOCK, so there is NO flexing or opening under extreme use. These are designed for European made moto-crossers.
- The brakes were product-tested for a FULL season on the Casa Lambretta racing scooters (which won the ESC Championship)
- despite being marked for ‘Race Use Only’, a specially-designed speedo drive unit is incorporated into the brakes and is NOT a puny, bolt on / clamped-on moped part
- the speedo drives use standard ‘classic’ Casa Lambretta worm drives
- the brake includes a specially designed anti-dive bracket that CLAMPS to the fork leg, designed to offer adjustment to the ‘feel’ under braking. NO welding is required
- the handlebar brake master cylinder is small, powerful and when fitted to the switch housing, it's quite simply the tidiest looking bit of kit you'll ever see
- there is a choice of 5 different types of handlebar switch housing for the master cylinder (LI S1 /S2, TV S1 / TV2, LI S3, SX/TV/GP/DL, Indian GP)
- the hubs take all currently availalbe tubeless wheel rims on the market and even standard Lambretta wheel rims.

Unlike most brake kits on the market, each Casa Performance hydraulic front brake kit comes supplied 100% COMPLETE with ALL the necessary parts ensuring it’s PLUG N’ PLAY: complete disc hub, a handlebar switch housing (choice), handlebar brake master cylinder, hydraulic hose, anti-dive setup, all fittings and fasteners.

Price: £1,240.00 Inc VAT

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