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cylinder head for TS1 225 + RB22

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cylinder head for TS1 225 + RB22

Casa Performance 'Radiale' finned cylinder head for TS1 225 + RB22 (standard sparkplug position)


Casa Performance Radiale finned cylinder head for TS1 225 + RB22225cc (lateral / standard sparkplug position) for standard type Asso pistons as supplied wit the kits by AF Rayspeed.

The idea for this new head has been concieved, designed, tested and manufactured by us here at RLC for the Casa Performance range. This DRASTICALLY reduces the running temperature of the kit and provides mental cooling and therefore your scooter runs MUCH better.

The radial head is designed to not only dissipate more heat than a conventional head but these also resolve the age-old problem of alignment of the head with the actual cylinder. Normally TS1 + RB heads internally need to be 71mm in diameter (bearing in mind the bore size is only 70mm) to compensate for the lateral ‘play’ that poor-fitting heads have on the 4 cylinder studs. The Casa heads fit centrally thanks to the simple addition of two steel dowels. Two of the original mounting holes in your TS1 or RB22 barrel need to be drilled using a 10mm drill bit, to a depth of 5mm to accommodate the dowels. The addition of these dowels ensures the cylinder head is then perfectly aligned with the cylinder bore when assembled. Simple and effective.

If you want the best head there is on the market for your TS1225 or RB22, with amazing cooling characteristics, then look no further as there is only one choice - and this is it.

The spark plug position is as per standard OE Lambretta equipment.

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