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Stainless Steel Chaincase Bolt Kit

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Stainless Steel Chaincase Bolt Kit

Lambretta Chaincase Stud Kit

Stud kit made up of :-

14 x M6 x 35mm studs

14 x 6mm wavy washer

14 x M6 Nyloc Nuts

1 x M6 x 40mm ( for clubman style exhaust)

2 x M8 x 40mm studs

2 x M8mm flat washer

2 x 8mm Nyloc Nuts

All in stainless steel. The screws are set screws threaded for their full length and have an allen key socket at one end, so the nut and washer can be run down the stud, loctite applied to the stud opposite the nut end and the screw fitted into the Casing through the side cover, this will give all the studs the same length with no excess thread stuck ou the end or even worse, not enough thread for the nut. Do not forget with the 8mm studs to allow for exhaust brackets.

Price: £12.00 Inc VAT

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