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Casa SST265 Partial Built engine- Sold

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Casa SST265 Partial Built engine- Sold

BUILT BY RLC! PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED Casa Performance SST265 Touring engine.

Silver/Aluminium Casing with Black Anodised Parts

These are the best Lambretta engines ever made for touring. If you thought your scooter was good for touring, think again. OUT OF THE BOX they have 30bhp+ and pull like a freight train from 2500 right up to 9,000rpm. NOTHING comes close for touring. Whether you’re riding solo, or with a passenger and a load of luggage, this motor will haul you up hill, down dale at CONSTANT speeds you never previously thought possible on a Lambretta.

One of the RLC crew recently rode a SST265 from Rimini in Italy over to North Yorkshire the UK, and then back to Italy again. The whole trip was completed with zero problems along the way, an 80mph average cruising speed and a fun factor of 10+.

Your PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED SST265 Touring engine comes with the following parts;

1 x complete CasaCase engine casing kit (with anodised parts)
1 x 68mm stroke crank (fitted)
2 x crankshaft bearings (fitted)
2 x crankshaft oilseals (fitted)
1 x pr. silentblocks (fitted)
1 x complete latest spec. SST265 Scuderia kit with 'Radiale' cylinder head (fitted)
1 x inlet manifold with 34mm rubber carb mounting
1 x small end bearing (fitted)
1 x cylinder cowling
1 x CNC flywheel cowling
Gaskets, fasteners and sundries for the fitment of the top-end

Price: £2,885.00 Inc VAT

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