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Clutch Powermaster cush drive

Ref: X33r
Clutch Powermaster cush drive

X33r PowerMaster cush drive 7 plate clutches are the first dedicated mass-produced Lambretta clutches with an integral cush drive in the lower section designed for all tuned engines. All parts are Italian made to the highest possible standards, with NO compromises whatsover taking during the manufacturing process.

The idea of the cush drive is that this drastically reduces the ‘shock’ of the power output being transmitted to the gearbox during harsh riding or quick gearchanging. This concept has been used with great success for years in motorcycle and kart circles, and even Innocenti tried a similar system with their Series 1 and 2 models, albeit using a system capable of withstanding very limited power. The new Casa Performance clutches use rubber buffer ‘rings’ made of a material specifically designed for cushdrive. There are seven friction plates. These are the clutches used in the Casa Performance engines which put out over 40bhp as standard.

Two sets of 12 springs are supplied with each clutch.The difference is:

'X33k' = STRONG for highly tuned engines (such as SSR265 Scuderia)
'X33ks' = MEDIUM for all other engines

In either case, the number of springs utilised can be reduced as needed, for example: an extremely powerful SSR265 Scuderia will need all 12 springs of the STRONG X33k set, whereas a Mugello 186 with 10bhp will probably only need 4-6 from the MEDIUM X33ks set. The best way to see how many springs are needed is to steadily REDUCE the number of springs fitted until the clutch starts to slip, then immediately ADD a couple more.

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