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Casacover Engine Sidecasing- IN STOCK

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Casacover Engine Sidecasing- IN STOCK
In Stock

Description: Aluminium Side cover

CasaCover engine sidecasing for any Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + Serveta + CasaCase engine casing+ Gran Turismo engine casing.

The CasaCover is a plug n’ play replacement engine sidecasing cover, that is totally unlike anything ever seen before for the Lambretta scooter.

1. Unbelievably light clutch operation, even when used with monster clutches
2. Can be used on any normal / standard type Italian, Spanish or Indian engine casing and the new generation CasaCase or Gran Turismo engine casings.
3. All exhaust mounting points are the same height / position as original sidecasings
4. Easily removable inspection panel gives unprecedented access to the chain guide for adjustment and to the front sprocket assembly, without the need to remove the actual sidecasing from the engine
5. The inspection panel allows the crankshaft to be removed from the engine, without removing the sidecasing from the engine
6. Can be used with any Lambretta clutch whether it be standard, uprated, race or the Casa PowerMaster with integral cushdrive
7. Uses normal Lambretta oil drain and breather plugs (not supplied)
8. Race proven to the extreme
9. Completely Italian made to the highest standards
10. The result of nearly 18 months designing and testing
11. The only product of its kind in the world
12. On most clutches the clutch cable trunnion can be removed from the operating arm by hand
13. If you have a monster clutch, the clutch operating arm has 20mm width flat sides so a spanner can be used to assist removal of the clutch trunnion.

Yes, as long as you have a normal S3 or Casa Performance X159 type gearbox endplate WITHOUT a ramp for the kickstart plunger piston. If you have a GP / DL type WITH the incorporated return ramp, the ramp part will need to be cut off / removed, or the endplate swopped for the S3 / Casa Performance type. Gran Turismo (GT) casings have unique measurements regarding the sidecasing gasket-face depth. For this reason, we have modified the plunger option ‘A’, which now includes 2 small ball bearings. This modification now allows the plunger to work with all Lambretta casings, Gran Turismo included.

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In stock

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