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Ref: M286

Forged ultra-high quality Italian made rear layshaft axle (perfect for 4 and 5 speed gearobxes!)

One MASSIVE problem with rebuilding Lambretta engines is that the layshafts have always been a weak-link in the whole show. Even the smallest wear on the splines can cause the rear hub to continually work itself loose and at the other end, the needle bearing faces are prone to wear and pitting. If you strip 10 Lambretta engines down, you MIGHT be lucky to get one good layshaft to utilize.

There are several people remaking layshafts on the market and seemingly, there isn’t one that’s correctly made. Until now...

As such Casa Lambretta retrieved the ORIGINAL INNOCENTI DRAWINGS from the archives and using these, we have now had new layshafts made up and these are spot on. All your layshaft woes have finally come to an end.

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