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LTH 30mm RB Inlet Manifold

Ref: 106676
LTH 30mm RB Inlet Manifold

30mm inlet manifold for RB20 & RB22 & RB25

Connection size: 34mm

This inlet manifold is CNC made from billet aluminium and designed in such way as to fit the carburettor as close to the engine as possible.

This way the space between carburettor and side panel is enlarged by a couple of vital milimeters. This enables the RB to be operated without a hole in the side panel.

We recommend to use the Mikuni TMX27 or TMX30 the Keihin PWK 28

Both carb types have been sucessfully tested on the RB.

With the Tino rubber hose and a 62mm Ramair the Mikuni can be smoothly operated under the side panel.

The carburettor connection rubber is original Mikuni and will therefore have a longer lifetime than the standard round connection rubbers.

The cutout in the manifold for the frame is large enough to allow using this manifold without the excentric frame cones.

The kit contains following parts:
inlet manifold
carb connection rubber
screws for connection rubber.

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