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Clutch 46t LTH

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Clutch 46t LTH

7-plate clutch 'Liedolsheim' 46 tooth Lambretta GP/dl

7-plate Honda derivate clutch for Lambretta

7-plates without need for a spacer
Can bear 69% more torque than the 4-plate clutch (at same spring ratio and plate material).
More and thicker ears (8 instead of 6 on the standard plates) of the plates and thicker plates themselves allow for longer lifetime of the plates and bell. Higher thermal resilience through higher and better oil flow rate.
Requires less travel to release fully so clutch drag is a thing of the past.
(further reduction of the force necessary to pull the clutch by changing the leverage is currently in the testing phase)
No need for a tool to hold springs in place when assembling the clutch.

The kit contains:

Outer Clutch Bell (rear sprocket), clutch centre spider, clutch pressure plate for GP, top steel plate, circlip, 6 steel plates, 7 clutch plates, uprated springs, rear sprocket bronze bushing.

The pressure plate for Li is available separately.

Price: £440.00 Inc VAT

Sorry out of stock

Available within 2-3 weeks

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