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Mag flange flywheel bearing housing kit

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Mag flange flywheel bearing housing kit

Suitable for: Lambretta J50, Cento, J125, J125 Starstream, Lui 50, Lui 75, Vega or Cometa.


Casa Performance CNC mag flange flywheel bearing housing kit for any Lambretta J50 + Cento + J125 + J125 Starstream + Lui 50 + Lui 75 + Vega + Cometa model.

Innocenti produced 2 versions of their flange, using two different (needle and ball type) bearings with correspondingly matching crankshafts. Most of the flanges that had the needle type bearings had two oilseals, whereas the type with the simpler ball bearing had just on single-lipped outer oilseal. The reason we have remade this specific part is that originals for both types of flanges are now very thin on the ground and their design makes them very prone to breakage of the outer ring - so finding a good one is an almost impossible task. With the advent of our forthcoming plug ‘n’ play 135cc kit (the ‘CP ONE 35’) for these models, there will be plenty of engines being rebuilt and rest assured that there will also be a lot of broken flanges…..

Their new flange is CNC machined in very high grade aluminium and as always with anything from Casa Performance, we have looked to both improve and upgrade on the original design. Our flange runs just one double-lipped Viton oilseal on the outside and when purchasing you have a choice of adding the flywheel bearing needed (either ball or roller type), depending on your crankshaft type (see pic). The inside of the flange has three, deep spiral recesses to aid lubrication of the bearing via your petroil mix. There is also an additional hole in the transfer port area of the flange that allows fuel to lubricate the oilseal. The aperture where you insert the bearing into the actual flange is also initially larger to ensure it then slides in perfectly centralised as it seats home. The bearing is then retained with a large circlip and the single outer oilseal design means that your engine will instantly spin much more freely than the original twin oilseal version.

No modifications are needed whatsoever for its fitment. The new flange is a plug ‘n’ play part and is a direct replacement for either of the original flange types. This flange can be used with any type of ignition, whether it's points or electronic.

The kit includes :

1 x CNC mag flange
1 x outer double-lipped Viton oilseal
1 x circlip
1 x gasket

If you also require a high quality SKF (or simlar) European made flywheel bearing, both ball or roller types are available. We advise the use of Threebond or a similar type silcone sealant for the mag gasket upon assembly.

The new high-specification crankshafts that we will be producing specifically for the CP One 35 kits will use the M218zz type roller bearing.

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