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Chain guide

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Chain guide

Casa Performance top chain guide tensioner for Lambretta J + Lui Vega Cometa


Casa Performance top chain tensioner guide for any Lambretta J50, Cento, J125 (3 speed), J125 Starstream (4 speed), Lui, Vega and Cometa models. This is based on the experience we have gained from our best-selling X44 OTT chain guides that are simply unrivalled in the Lambretta world. We have now applied the same construction methods and materials to make a similar chain guide for smallframe Lambretta models.

There are two different types of guides for smallframe Innocenti Lambrettas, with different mounting hole positions, and this CP guide can be used to replace either type.

The actual chain runner block is made from an ultra-hard, special glass-impregnated plastic material and the metal plates are all laser cut in 4mm stainless steel. Internally the plastic runner has 4 metallic bushes to ensure that the fixing screws do not come loose over time, which can happen through overzealous tightening if these bushes were omitted from the design. We have tested these guides to the absolute extreme and they have withstood everything we have thrown at them.

This guide can be used either with, or without the original lower guide (by omitting the small oval plate supplied with the guide). If you use this guide WITHOUT the lower original guide, fit the oval plate UNDER the CP guide before tightening the 2 fixing screws. Always use Loctite threadlock on the (clean) fixing screws during assembly.

Special note for 3-speed J + Luna Line engine casings, converted to 4 or 5-speed: you will also require spacer X820

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