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Drive side seal plate

Ref: X801
Drive side seal plate


CNC drive side oilseal retainer plate + Viton oilseal + 'O' ring + SCREWS

This is the new drive side oilseal aluminium retainer plate for all Lambretta J Range + Lui Vega and Cometa models. Anodised in red, this newly redesigned aluminium oilseal plate should help to keep the oil where it’s meant to be.

It comes with 3 x countersunk allen screws (not pictured). The plate has an internal Viton ‘O’ ring and this is a superb secondry sealing point. The main Viton oilseal is INCLUDED in the purchase price and you have a choice between a double-lipped oilseal for either a 3 speed or a 4 speed engien caisngs.

The Lambretta models are as follows:

3 Speed models (M3)
J50 (all variants)
Lui 50 (all variants)
Cento 100cc
J125 (M3)

4 Speed models (M4)
J125 Starstream
J125 Super Starstream
Lui / Vega / Cometa 75cc

Please note that this Casa Performance oilseal plate must be fitted WITHOUT the usual Halite washer.

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