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Gearbox end plate

Ref: X815
Gearbox end plate

Casa Performance 4 + 5 speed type gearbox endplate for Lambretta J Range + Lui Vega Cometa


NEW! Casa Performance4 +5 speed type gearbox endplate for ALL Lambretta Lui Vega Cometa + J Range models.

Gearbox endplates for 4-speed Starstream, Lui/Vega/Cometa 75cc models are getting harder and harder to get hold of, especially with the advent of the amazing Vega5 5-speed gearboxes on the market, as these gearboxes can be fitted to ANY Lambretta J or Luna Line scooter, irrespective of whether it is a 3 or 4-speed casing being used.

To fit a 'Vega5' 5-speed gearbox to a 3-speed Lui 50, J50, Cento or J125 model, you need to change your old gearbox endplate for a 4-speed version, or this one.

As ever, we have not just simply remade the endplate, we have actually looked to improve on the original design.

These are the main differences of the Casa Performance endplate over the original:
- made from special high-grade treated aluminium
- utilises 'stepped' locating dowel pins so they cannot pass through their holes in the endplate (as per X159)
- has a separate bearing retaining disc fixed with 3 screws (original endplates need to be peened over or spot punched on the outer edge of the bearing)
- supplied complete with a special layshaft bearing
- dead easy to shim up your gearbox, as this is precision CNC machined (and not all warped as are most 50-year-old original endplates)

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