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Lui Vega wiring loom

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Lui Vega wiring loom

Simplified wiring loom harness for Lambretta Lui Vega Cometa 50cc and 75cc models, when using a Ducati Firelfy electronic ignition.

The Ducati Firefly electronic ignitions by Casa Performance for smallframe Luna Line and J-Range Lambretta models have proved to be a revelation to cure all starting and lighting problems. Ducati quality with a TRUE 90W power output. To make things even easier for you, we have made these simplified wiring looms that reduce the 4 wires originally destined for lighting down to just one.

Simply replace your existing wiring loom with this one and no more mess of having millions of wires. The loom uses a slightly different route (see the pic) so no more problems with it exitiing near the hot exhaust downpipe, or it being trapped by the scooter's bodywork. The loom is designed for a stop-light which is an added bonus for 50cc Lui models, that normally do not have this option.

Although designed to be used primarily with the Ducati Firefly electronic ignition by Casa Performance, these Italian made wiring looms will fit any Lui 50 C/CL or Lui/Vega/Cometa 75cc model and can be adapted to be used with original igntions.

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