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Rear Disc Brake A, Uni hub Typhoon Caliper

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Rear Disc Brake A, Uni hub Typhoon Caliper

Lambretta Rear Disc Brake.

Please note this item is made to order. Please ask before ordering regarding a time frame of completion.

To our Knowledge our Disc Brake is the only "plug and play" self assembly set up available, where no welding or unsightly mechanism's attached to the brake pedal are required.

The unit is supplied already primed with oil and is literally ready to go! Simply attach the supplied brake cable to your brake pedal linkage, adjust the cable tension at the master cylinder and thats it, done.

A little more Technical Info;

The whole assembly is manufactured in alluminium and the three tiered Hub, that holds the disc assembly, is fastened to the Lambretta Hub with 3 M8 high tensile screws. These screws are located by means of first drilling, tapping and then "Timeserting" the Lambretta Rear Hub. We have used Timeserts to give strength, realising that Lambretta Hubs are removed and fitted quite repetitively.

The uniqueness of this brake system is the employment of a semi hydraulic "total loss" Master Cylinder. We use the term "Total Loss" as the unit doesn't use a traditional reservoir, Pad wear is taken up by adjustment of the Cable, as in the Drum brake method, in other words, the Master Cylinder piston stroke is adjusted to compensate for Pad wear, not replenishment of Oil by a Reservoir

For Race and Custom use only

Price: £625.00 Inc VAT

Sorry out of stock

Available within 2-3 weeks

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