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MPR Injector 1 Ltr

Ref: Rock Oil MPR Injector
MPR Injector 1 Ltr

MPR 2T Injector is a non TCW-3 fully synthetic marine 2 stroke oil designed for use in Sea-Doo jet skis and other Rotax engined marine equipment.

MPR marine 2 stroke is made from a variety of different synthetic base stocks including Polyol Esters and Poly Iso Butylenes which have been combined with advanced additive technology to give the highest levels of engine protection and reliability whilst remaining safe to use in a marine environment.

MPR Injector has been specifically designed for use in marine 2 stroke injection systems, but can also be used as a premix oil (up to 50:1).
The clean burning and smokeless formula of MPR offers exceptional performance and complete engine protection.

MPR Injector can be used with leaded or unleaded petrol or avgas and is suitable for use in Sea-Doo and other rotary 2 cycle engines where a low ash oil, instead of an ashless oil, is required.

MP-R Marine 2 Stroke Injector Oil features:

  • Smokeless formula oil
  • Easy Mixing
  • Ultra Clean Burning
  • High Lubricity - preventing oil induced piston seizures
  • High Shear Stability
  • Low Wear Rates
  • Excellent fluidity
  • Specifically designed for use in Seadoo 2 stroke and other Rotax engine marine craft
  • Suitable for use in marine engines that require a non TCW3 approved 2 cycle oil

MPR Injector is most suited for use in an injector system but has successfully been used as a premix oil.

Oil type:
Fully synthetic marine 2 stroke oil

HUSQVARNA 346 and 372

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